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"Redondo Beach" - Patti Smith (1975)

"Wedlock In Dreadlock": The punk & reggae connection weekly tribute (pt 16)

"Redondo Beach" is a punk reggae tune included in Patti Smith`s 1975 landmark debut album "Horses", which is considered as one of the sparks that ignited the punk explosion. The song, often critised as a clumsy attempt on reggae, predates, by far, the late `70s punk reggae explosion and is obviously influenced by her interest in Jamaican culture, at the time:

"…With rock culture at a lull in the mid-Seventies, many looked to the ‘roots rebel’ sound of Jamaica, anointing Bob Marley as a kind of dreadlocked Dylan surrogate (the other Bob then being in a state of semi-retired seclusion). Smith was among those smitten. A year after Horses, she even plunged into a full-blown infatuation with Rastafarianism:

‘I can’t say I was a Rasta but I went through a period when I was studying all aspects of Rastafarianism, including smoking a lot of pot while reading the Bible!’…”


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